The Goddess What?


Let’s join the Goddess Road Trip along the east coast of Australia, I said.

Let’s attend every single event, I said.

It’ll be amazing, I said.

Let me set the scene: Its 25th June 2017 and I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop (it happens) and rather than working, I’m procrastiscrolling through Insta. I keep seeing these posts from this thing called The Goddess Road Trip, but somehow I haven’t yet made the connection.

Now the penny drops. I scroll back to May and read properly.  One epic road trip celebrating and honouring the goddess. Eleven events, seven cities and all hosted by six of my favourite beautiful goddesses. What’s not to love?

So of course like a totally sane person, I send a text to a few of these beautiful goddesses that went something like this, “err OK so how crazy would it be if I flew over to Australia and followed the Goddess Road Trip?”.

Within ten days: I had roped in two coaching buddies, the flights were booked,  we were having kittens at the cost of campervans but we were officially off on the road trip of a lifetime.

It’s now the 29th December 2017. Six months of crazy planning, a shit-ton of cash on Airbnb’s, hotels and car hire and a whole lot of mapping of lunch spots later, and we’re at London Heathrow and I’m thinking “what the actual-F?”. No going back now, we’re off to Australia for 25 days of workshops and sacred circles (err, what IS a sacred circle again??). I’m also dragging out the end of a decent bout of Christmas-Aussie-Flu (ironically) and feeling pretty rough. It’s going to be a great flight!

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