Full Moon Sacred Circle + Dance Party


Event #1: Full Moon Sacred Circle + Dance Party
Location: Melbourne
Goddess: Kali Ma
Date: January 2nd

We arrived in Melbourne in the evening of the 30th December and since then we’ve been to a New Year’s Eve do at the gorgeous Julie and Glenn Parker’s house and drunk all the bubbles, we’ve embraced some serious wanker-food culture and eaten all the avo-toast (apparently there is no need for the full word “avocado” over here) and we’ve woken at all hours of the night and had all the jetlag (not loving the jetlag, won’t lie). I have also had all the lurgy that I joyfully brought with me from the UK :'(.

Tonight is the night of the first event and it’s a sacred circle with the transformational (kinda scary) goddess, Kali Ma. We’re invited to bring a cushion to sit on, a journal and a pen and a bottle of water. I’m a smidgeon nervous as I still have no real clue what goes on at a sacred circle and I have even less knowledge of the individual goddesses, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be beyond my “woo woo” threshold, so I’m panicking a little bit.

Nerves are a little bit soothed as we meet a bunch of fellow Beautiful You life coaches in St Kilda for dinner beforehand, but I’m not sure the vegan burrito helped my comfort much. We arrive at the venue and it’s seriously moody, candlelit and there’s more than 40 women gathering. Lots of rich colours and a real sense of anticipation; my discomfort levels pop up another several notches. It’ll be OK right, what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll just make a dick of myself and then go home, no problem.

Julie Parker welcomed everyone and set the scene, telling us about the goddess Kali Ma. There’s lots to learn about the goddesses for me so this was great. Kind of disconcerting with the whole severed head and multiple arms malarkey and discomfort levels not improved when we all had to stick our tongues out Kali Ma-style and make the kind of noise I make at the dentist.

We did some journaling on what we were letting go of from 2017 and what are our intentions are for 2018. I loved this and I wrote several pages around letting go of looking for validation outside of myself and chronic people-pleasing/volunteering syndrome, as well as stepping into my intentions for 2018 to be courageous, bold and unapologetically me.

We had a session with Sammie Fleming who led the group in a 10-15 minute chant of “Ra Ma Da Sa” something that I can only describe as being somewhere between music and chanting. Unexpectedly this didn’t spike the discomfort meter at all and I really enjoyed the experience. There is something about 40+ voices all repeating the same sounds over and over which is really quite extraordinary. I was transported (you can listen here).

The most challenging bit of the evening was when you were partnered up with someone that you had never met before, and arranged standing in an inner circle and an outer circle of 2 x 22 women facing each other. One woman had to tell their partner what they were letting go of and what their intentions were for 2018. No problem, I can do that, it’s a bit personal and raw but how bad can it be? I spoke too soon - that wasn’t the end of it.

To recognise the raw honesty and vulnerability it took for the first woman to talk about their innermost thoughts and feelings, they then had to kneel or sit in front of their partner, while their partner danced for them, to honour them for sharing. And then vice versa.

What-the-actual-F?! I’m sorry to say but this was a woo-woo-woo-woo way too far for me and it felt super uncomfortable and confronting.  Have I mentioned I’m British and we’re really not great at this publicly feely stuff? I’m working on it big time (I’m a life coach so you’d hope so, right?), but wow as an introduction to sacred circles, I’m thinking I probably should have started off a bit smaller and worked my way up. Just wow.

Footnote: On reflection 10 days later I don’t think this would have weirded me out anywhere near as much as it did if I attended again now. I have attended several more events and circles since the Kali Ma circle and have leaned in to my discomfort – which in turn is reducing with each circle. Perhaps a bit of prior planning on my part might not have been a bad idea…

Photos courtesy of the @thegoddessroadtrip instagram

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