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And then there was more...

For all you beauties that clicked on the link and wanted more (I am familiar with the concept), here's a little bit more about me and my non-biz life.

1. Parfait not Perfect

I'd love to be rockstar enough to say I changed my name to Parfait just because it's means perfect in French but nope, it's my family name .  Oh and I LOVE IT.  I will also confess to being a 'Philippa' but Philippa Parfait is quite a mouthful.

2. Mad cat lady

Yep, I’m that person - one of those mad cat ladies! One day I will find a way to create a business and a life that revolves entirely around cats (cat café anyone?), but in the meantime, please meet the boys - Oscar & Charlie.

3. Caramel lattes

I might be a lil bit obsessed with a good latte. I didn't discover coffee until I was 42 and I regret only one thing in life - losing those 25 coffee-drinking years!

4. Astrological dead cert

I gather from those that know much better than me, that I'm a stereotypical dead cert for a Taurus (what do you mean you had already worked that out?!). Understanding sun and moon signs is on my list of things to learn a lot more about.


5. Like a sailor

You may already have noticed, but I curse like a sailor. I was lucky enough to have a private grammar school education and can enunciate How-Now-Brown-Cow with the best of them (thank you elocution lessons), but I DO love a good curse word.

6. Beautiful You Coaching Academy

I'm an internationally Certified Beautiful You Life Coach. I’m incredibly proud to be certified by such an inspiring organisation, one that is so much more than a training academy for coaches. You can read about my incredible coaching journey and the Academy here.

7. I'm an extroverted introvert or is it the other way round?

I spent the first 20 years of my adult life doing a convincing job of being an extrovert (read bolshy, bossy and demanding as-f) but in truth, I'm actually pretty introverted; big crowds and I are a no-no. On Myers Briggs I'm an ISFJ and on the strengths test I am 'Relator, Empathy, Activator, Maximiser, Connectedness'. What I love most in recent years is just how much more there is to learn about what it means to be ME and how this changes pretty much every day.


8. Elephant pants

Confession time – it has been known (a.k.a like always), that when on Skype with clients, I look fabulous ‘up top’ but I’ve still got my yoga pants on below the desk! There I’ve said it; “My name is Pippa and I have a problem with leisurewear” (let us not mention the slippers).

9. Mamma Mia

I was once on UK TV being interviewed in a ladies loo about Abba!  Yep you read that right; I attended a themed hen weekend at a holiday camp and the BBC came and interviewed us about dressing up in full ABBA style. You have no idea how mortified I will be if that footage ever sees the light of day!


Now you know all (most) of my little foibles.
Reckon we'd get on? Yeah me too!

Interested in learning more about how we can work together?
It was the yoga pants that clinched it, right?