Still got questions? I've got you...

How can I decide if working with you is right for me?

This is why we have a 30 minute Clarity Call before you decide to go ahead.  I totally agree that not everyone is a good match – in life, love or coaching for that matter. Let’s chat, if you love cats and swear a bit here and there we’ll get on just fine – if not I do have other redeeming character traits and can recommend some other amazing coaches too.

Isn’t it a bit “woo-woo airy-fairy” to work with a coach?

Don’t panic, there’s no need to strip naked, put flowers in your hair and dance in the moonlight when you coach with me (requests for flowers and dancing are welcomed, but naked coaching just ain't gonna happen).  Coaching is a huge industry and for a damn good reason – it works! Imagine someone 100% on your team, helping you achieve your wildest dreams and awaken the real you. If that’s woo-woo, then bring on the woo-woo sister!

It’s secretly a little bit terrifying - how do I know it’s going to work?

Reality check: Yep it sure is and well, you don’t!  OK so that’s the full-on honesty bit done, yes it does take courage to show up for yourself and trust someone with your innermost fears and icky stuff.  But you’ve got this – all you need is the courage to step forward. I promise you I don’t bite – I’ve totally been there and over here in Parfaitland there isn’t anything but a lotta love and understanding.  Oh and of course it’s going to work – that ball’s in your court – show up for yourself, do the work and be patient and you’ll be frickin awesome (you already are)!

Do I have to sign a contract?

When you decide to go ahead with a coaching package I will send you my standard coaching agreement which you sign electronically and send back to me. That way what we expect from each other is set out up front.

How & When Do I Pay You?

You will receive invoices for your coaching via email every month, in advance of the next month’s coaching.  Your coaching fees are payable upon receipt and coaching cannot start until they are paid. The invoice for the first two sessions is sent with your coaching agreement. Payment can be made by PayPal or direct bank transfer. Please note it is possible to pay for your full coaching package in advance at a 5% discount, please let me know in advance if you would like to do this.


What if I want to cancel my coaching series?

If after our first full session together you feel that coaching with me is no longer right for you, I will happily refund you the next session in the month you are yet to have, (if there is one outstanding), and release you from the coaching agreement.  Once we have moved into session two however – we are “all in” and it is expected that your coaching series will continue until its completion.

What is the difference between coaching, counselling and consulting?

That’s a really common question and although there are lots of blurred lines, I see the difference like this:  A counsellor will help you look back at past hurts, the reason for your feelings and help you heal – there’s a lot of dwelling in the past going on. Consultants will spend a lot of time telling you what to do and how to do it (I won’t lie there’s a part of me that this appeals to #controlfreak). A coach will work with you to identify things in your life you want to be different, won’t dwell in the past stuff, but will help you find a way to move forward towards building the life you really want.

I’m not based in the UK, can I still coach with you?

Hell yes!  I coach the majority of my clients in the US, Canada and Australia.  As we coach via Skype the only consideration is time difference but we can make that stuff work (my free call scheduler has a handy little time zone convertor on it as that stuff KILLS me!). If you happen to live near Bath or Bristol in the UK – amazing, we can meet in person and drink coffee (my fave pastime).

Do you like to coach with other life coaches?

Good God Yes! I love working with other coaches as you guys just get it and love love love to look inside and take a peek at the tough stuff.  If you are starting a coaching business or already running one, but you’re hiding behind your very own inner bitch and waiting until every-darn-thing is perfect before you take action; STOP! Then get your ass on a free call – we have got to talk!

Do I have to do any work in-between sessions – can’t you just “fix” me?

But lovely, you're not broken! I’m sorry to say, real change comes from taking a look at the tough stuff and gradually peeling away the layers to find the real you underneath the surface.  Oh and it takes patience, understanding and kindness. And yes lovely – that means patience, understanding and kindness towards YOURSELF! Sometimes it’s gonna be tough but I promise you it’s sooooo worth it.