Ready to learn to validate your own existence and learn to love yourself just a little bit more?

Ready to look at some of the icky stuff and do the work so you can create a life you love?

Ready to stand up and be counted, your life – your way?

Then you’ve found yourself in the right place lovely.

Being unapologetically YOU

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Coaching with me is for you if...

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you're done

living up to all the goddamn expectations and you’re ready to live in courageous freedom

you’re so over

pleasing all-the-people-all-the-time and you just want to figure out how to please yourself but you have no idea where to even start

you’re about done

with working so hard just to live your life and you want to make some space to create a life you love

you’ve got some serious

perfectionist and self-doubt tendencies and a near pathological fear of screwing up and quite frankly it’s cramping your style

you’re ready to quit

looking to other people to validate your existence and you’re willing to tackle the “inside job” of loving yourself

you want to remember

what is special about you – what you love, your values, strengths, passions and purpose – what makes you, YOU and how you can use those superpowers to live your very best life

you’re up for

having “the chat” with your inner bitch about getting with the programme and being in your corner for a change

you know that

fear and resistance will pursue you every day but you’re brave enough to move forward anyway

you have a sense of humour

and don’t mind a few curse words (bonus points if you like fat ginger cats)


Are you a Beautiful You Coaching Academy coach or trainee or considering signing up for the programme? I am a certified coach and my coaching packages can count towards your own certification once you complete the course. You can also read all about my amazing sign up offer here when you sign up via my affiliate link.

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Are you ready?

If you're ready to dive in head first, apply to coach with me now and reserve your free clarity call.

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Client Love

My coaching experience surpassed all expectations I’d ever dreamed of. You helped me see past what I thought was my focus was and find what really mattered – short term versus long term goals. Saying ‘No’, delegating and letting go of striving and perfectionism has got so much easier. I really wasn’t sure what my goals were when I started, but I ended up not only developing and running a trial of my iThemba cards workshop, but also working on my inner critic and boundaries at home and work.

My coaching was a combination of no-nonsense and inspired!”

Deberra. B


“She is not the girl she used to be,
nor the woman she had thought
she would grow up to become.

She was something different entirely.

Certainly not as together as she had expected,
but somehow more complete
than she could ever have imagined.

She was softer from all the storms
and not nearly as reckless with her heart
and, finally, she was completely unapologetic
in all of her tarnished glory.”

― Becca Lee

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Coaching Packages

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90 mins intensive

Your investment
£175 (appx $235 USD)
one-off payment

Courageous Awakening

This is a real power hour (and a half) that’s focused completely around where you are right now and what you need the most. Great for:

  • getting clear on an issue that really matters to you
  • looking at a broader area of your life and figuring out where to get started
  • setting intentions for the future
  • digging deep into a specific area and making decision on a way forward
  • it's also a great way to dip your toe in the water

Here’s what’s included

A pre-session questionnaire so we can use the full 90 minutes to focus on your priorities

1 x 90-minute session via Skype

2 weeks of email support (for those nagging questions and mini breakdowns and breakthroughs)

1 x 30-minute follow up session within 3 weeks to check in and refocus

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4 month bi-weekly coaching

Your investment
£195 (apx $260 USD) monthly, or
£725 (apx $975 USD)
one-off payment

Courageous Freedom

An incredible coaching package that for most clients is a real life-changer. Who wouldn't want to focus on finding and creating their very best life? If you're:

  • ready to raise your hand and say yes to a more joyful life
  • excited (and a bit scared) to get the clarity, courage and confidence you want and need to live a life you love
  • prepared to put the time in to do the inner work you need to do, knowing that you'll be supported every step of the way

then this is definitely the coaching package for you!

Here’s what’s included

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to get really clear on what you want to get out of coaching
  • 1 x 90-minute Discovery & Intention Setting session 
  • 7 x further 60-minute sessions (we meet every two weeks to see where you are, set actions, refocus, course-correct and overcome any challenges along the way)
  • Email support from me between sessions
  • Action steps, worksheets, resources, suggested reading, journalling prompts, and more
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Sound good? Great, let's chat.

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Client Love

"I used to go through life trying not to be noticed and putting up with so much crap…now I love myself enough to embrace who I really am. I used to want everyone to like me, as an introvert giving so much of myself away, leaving me feeling depleted.

Now I give myself the time and TLC to regain my energies for life’s challenges."

Joanna. A


Not sure, still got questions lovely?


Don't worry I've got you covered.  Check out my FAQs or book your clarity call below and we can go through any questions you might have and make sure we're a great fit to work together.  Your clarity call includes:

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire to help you focus on what you really want to achieve from coaching and how you want to feel as a result
  • A free of charge 30 minute Skype chat (I will confess to these running to a touch more than 30 minutes - I can't help it, I love to talk to you beauties).

So why work with me?

Because I’ve been in those shoes; the ones where you’re scared of being found out, scared of standing out and simultaneously scared of fitting in. Desperate for something to be different and relentlessly searching for what it is, but just chasing the next big thing and never being really happy when you got there. For years I was a fixer-upper, strapping on my cape and parachuting (often uninvited) into other people’s dramas and challenges. Trying to fix people and situations that weren’t mine to fix and becoming known for being great at problem solving, but never quite looking at my own shit (I am simply awesome at problem solving though).

It took me forty years to realise that my assignment in this life was to serve, to help people to stretch and grow and to live the best lives possible and to help them be of service to others – to pay it forward. The thing is I needed those forty years of lessons (and a ton more to come), to go through some pretty tough shit myself and to learn my own lessons, the hard way of course – I didn’t know there was another way.

Somehow over the last few years the penny has dropped, and I know what I’m here to do now. It changes and shapeshifts nearly every day as I learn new things and grapple with my own shit, but at my core I know I have to help people to be free and to find their best lives.

Footnote: never let it be said that life coaches have perfect lives, trust me they don’t; we might be a bit better at spotting the shit just before it hits the fan, but believe me when I say that stuff still goes all over the place from time to time!

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Client Love

"When we first met I wanted to spend some time working out what made me tick as I felt quite alone and undervalued. Through our work together I came to understand that for women like me, apparently confident and articulate, it is still OK to feel like a failure and not feel confident 100% of the time.

We had a lot of laughs and some heartfelt tears. It has been a life affirming experience which has really helped me be brave, show compassion for myself and be more confident to carve out time for me and my family too."