Client Love

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Celebrating my clients' successes and allowing myself a little "warm and fuzzy" about how bloody brilliant they are...


Julie. S

"Before coaching with you I was everywhere and nowhere - feeling like I was doing everything half-assed, feeling scattered and looking for the next best step to take in my life. From the website we seemed to be kindred spirits although miles apart and I felt like I would be able to be myself with you - swearing and all. From that first session, I felt a sense of calm wash over me... I knew I’d made a good choice and that I was in good hands. I had some soul searching to do from some of the great questions you asked me.

My coaching experience has been grounding and transformational. I’m much more at peace and I’m more productive at work. The realisation that I have all that I will ever need INSIDE ME is quite frankly one of the most thrilling feelings I’ve experienced. It’s one thing to be aware that this is true, it’s quite another to feel and believe that it’s true! You are a true professional and an outstanding coach, you blend in just enough warm and fuzzy alongside the tough love. You are a natural and your authenticity can be felt across continents!"


Joanna. A

"I’ve had a long-standing habit of being ‘too nice’ and putting up with other people’s bad behaviour.  When we met I was generally fed up of having people take advantage of my good nature!   Bored and fed up of the same old crap, I needed to get to know myself, to figure out what would set my world on fire! When we first started I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to work on. I had only ever made ‘practical’ work related goals before, and so setting a personal feelings-based goal was really tough. Learning to ‘love, understand and respect myself’ has been pretty enlightening, and at the same time it’s been bloody knackering!

I used to go through life trying not to be noticed and putting up with so much crap…now I love myself enough to embrace who I really am. I wear clothes that get me noticed, instead of shying away from attention. I smile more. I’m more bubbly and have no fear about showing my true self. I used to want everyone to like me, as an introvert giving so much of myself away, leaving me feeling depleted. Now I give myself the time and TLC to regain my energies for life’s challenges."

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Melissa. M

"When we first met I wanted to spend some time working out what made me tick as I felt quite alone and undervalued. Through our work together I came to understand that for women like me, apparently confident and articulate, it is still OK to feel like a failure and not feel confident 100% of the time. We had a lot of laughs and some heartfelt tears. It has been a life affirming experience which has really helped me be brave, show compassion for myself and be more confident to carve out time for me and my family too."

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Debbera. B

My coaching experience surpassed all expectations I’d ever dreamed of. You helped me see past what I thought was my focus was and find what really mattered – short term versus long term goals. Saying ‘No’, delegating and letting go of striving and perfectionism has got so much easier. I really wasn’t sure what my goals were when I started, but I ended up not only developing and running a trial of my iThemba cards workshop, but also working on my inner critic and boundaries at home and work.  My coaching was a combination of no-nonsense and inspired!”


You can be a thousand different women. It’s your choice which one you want to be. It’s about freedom and sovereignty. You celebrate who you are.

You say, ‘This is my kingdom’.”

- Salma Hayek

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Cheryl. W

"When I met you I felt like I had taken a huge step back in my life. My expectations were that we would talk through some things and set a few actions, but I’d be left on my own, waiting anxiously for the next session. At my initial consult something about the way you spoke to me, I felt like you really understood me. You blew my expectations out of the water. I said all I wanted was to have my old life back, but really, I just wanted to feel like I was making progress again. Immediately I felt heard and understood, and while I didn’t feel it would be easy, knowing what my goals were and feeling like they were possible was a big shift for me.

Coaching with you has changed my life. I have developed a much greater understanding of what I want, my strengths, my weaknesses. I recognise self-sabotage a lot of the time now and let it go. My marriage and relationships have improved, my fitness level is up, I’ve gained confidence, started a new business, got a promotion at work, became a better, more patient mother, and I doubt I could have done it all without you. I’m also more relaxed now. I do what I want to do, and understand that everything will happen in time."


Emma. L

"I’ve known Pippa for many years and I trust her implicitly. To me, she is the definition of a courageous female. She is sensitive and has a great sense of empathy that’s mixed with a knack for being straight up honest as well – the ‘parfait’ mix as a life coach. I would recommend her services to anyone – whether they’re stuck in a rut, or just needing a bit of courage to get to where they really want to be."

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