Introducing the Beautiful You Coaching Academy

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Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’re a born helper and find that people gravitate towards you for help and advice all the time.
  • You’re done with superficial connection and communication and you are looking for more meaningful friendships and conversations.
  • You are looking for a way to expand your existing service-based business and you think life coaching might be the answer.
  • You’ve been “stalking” various coaches online for some time now, thinking that you’d love to do that, but telling yourself that’s for “other people” and all the courses are so expensive anyway and look mind-numbingly corporate and salesy.
  • You are searching for real connections in a group of inspiring, supportive and heart-centred people.
  • You’ve realised that you are in this world, at this time, for a reason, and you’re looking for how you can find and live your true purpose, while not forgetting of course that there’s the day job and the bills still to pay.
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Sound familiar?

Then you know what beautiful, you have come to the right place!

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What is life coaching?


Life coaching is about supporting people to make meaningful change in their lives. Change that inspires people to follow their dream career path, improve their health and wellbeing, release their fears and embrace their creativity, spirituality and highest self, improve their self-confidence and self-love, and become the person they most want to be. It is privileged, beautiful and life affirming work (read more about my life coaching journey here).

All you need is the right support, a good dose of enthusiasm and patience (it’s not an overnight thing no matter how many ads you see that claim zero to $1m in 7 days). Oh, and a sack load of courage. The journey to becoming a successful life coach is as much about you as it is about training and learning, so be prepared to go on one hell of a personal journey of self-discovery and awakening.

If this sounds like something you’d be keen to explore for your life, then check out my affiliate referral bonuses below, all of which are yours if you sign up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy course using my affiliate link below.


What is the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course?

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy says that the course is for “people just like you – people who want to make a difference, see others grow and shine, work with people they love and feel connected to – and yes – create their own business and a life they love.”

The Academy was founded by Julie Parker and Julie is Lead Trainer, together with Team Beautiful, an inspiring group of lovelies, who support BYCA trainees while forging their own paths in their coaching businesses.  All are previous graduates and certified coaches. This comprehensive six month course not only teaches you how to become a heart-centred and skilled life coach, but also how to build a life and business you love.

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What I love most about the BYCA course


Soul Journey

Joining BYCA has taken me on a personal soul discovery journey and sparks opportunities and understanding about myself every day. For that alone I would sign up all over again.

Business Skills

I got the chance not just to learn the practical skills of how to be a coach, but also a wide range of business skills including marketing, social media, list building, copywriting, crafting your niche and the real and very scary – public speaking and events.

The Nitty Gritty

The course was both practical and full of “How To’s” with coaching scripts, examples of live coaching, fantastic mentors as well as heart-centred support and encouragement – the perfect combination.

Certified Coach

The opportunity to become a Certified Coach (which I am) and have my business featured on the BYCA database of certified coaches. This is something I am very proud of.


The tools, support and confidence by the halfway point, to go out and find "pro bono" coaching clients and invite them to coach with me during my training period.


There is an opportunity to be matched with a coaching buddy to “practice” with while you are training. This has been an extraordinary experience and my coaching buddy Louise and I are great friends and travel the world to coaching events together, it really is true that WE RISE TOGETHER!


One of the true gifts of the BYCA course is the extraordinary connections across the globe that it brings about, with courageous and inspirational women out there changing the world for the better.  These women have my heart.


The Academy host three Inspiration Days a year, alternately in Australia and elsewhere in the world. If you are able to attend these events are quite extraordinary; so far I have attended San Francisco and Paris and memories of both will stay with me forever.

If this sounds like something you want to have in your life, then I’ve got some amazing referral bonuses for you if you sign up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy using my affiliate links on this page.


Pictures from Beautiful You events around the globe!

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My sign up bonuses


I am such a proud advocate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy that I want to offer all new trainee coaches a special set of bonuses when they sign up via my affiliate link.

Free Skype Call

Team Beautiful are amazing and will answer any questions you might have, but if you want to chew over the course and your decision with someone who has been on the journey in the last few years, I'd love to jump on a Skype call and chat.

Mentor & Friend Sessions

(valued at £500GBP/appx$650USD)

This one is massive and so exciting for me.  This is not life coaching as it is my belief that during the course, working with a coach as well could overload many people as the course itself is pretty intensive (especially if you are also still working full-time). My Mentor & Friend bonus consists of 6x 30-minute Skype calls to be booked during your BYCA course.  You can use these for whatever you want - the support of Team Beautiful is unparalleled and they have you covered, but if you want that little extra of having an existing Certified Coach to talk something through with, then I've got you covered too.

Three Month Coaching Series

(valued at £585GBP/appx$810USD)

A six-session coaching series with me that can be be used during or up to 3 months after you complete your coaching training. As I am a Certified Coach, this can be used towards your own application for certification .

And finally, an extra lil something-something from me

Because they have had such a profound or practical impact on my coaching business (and life), I would like to gift you the following books to help you on your coaching journey.

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Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead
This book by Brené Brown is a game changer and I'd love everyone to read it!

She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur
A must read for all female entrepreneurs starting out running their own business, written by Carrie Green, Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association (and a jolly lovely lady from Manchester in the UK).

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action
One of my favourite books that I read as a result of doing Marie Forleo's B-School. Simon Sinek's book on why people do not buy what you do but why you do it. Make sure you take time to figure out (and articulate) your WHY. Check out Simon's famous TEDTalk - it's 20 minutes very well spent.

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So Beautiful You, if you'd like to talk about the BYCA course,
shoot me a message and we'll arrange to chat. Or you can...

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Important note

It is important that the last link you click on before signing up to the course is one of my affiliate buttons above. If it isn’t, the Beautiful You team will be unable to identify that you have enrolled through me, and you will miss out on my bonuses. Please also note that you will not be able to redeem the bonuses until after the refund period has lapsed for the course (a few weeks after the course starts). Send me a note once you've signed up and I can make sure that this has gone through properly and we can arrange to chat.