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Are you ready to connect with a tribe of women seeking the courage to live their very best, imperfect lives? Brave lady, together we can achieve great things 


Welcome home, perfectionista.

You’re not an idiot.
You’re not a walking disaster.
You are definitely not a failure. *Waves impressive résumé as proof.*

So why is it so damned hard to accept yourself as you are?

From the outside it looks like you’ve got it all figured out,
but you still feel like a fraud.

The biggest bitch you know is the one in your own head.
(It’s like the blonde one from Mean Girls on repeat.)

And deep down, you feel more like WonderWTF than Wonder Woman.

It’s draining, frustrating, and more effort than putting on
a pair of sheer stockings without laddering the buggers.

If only you could let go. Drop the façade.



That’s what I’m here for. I’m Pippa Parfait and I can promise you this: you don’t have to resign yourself to feeling like this forever. Thank fuck for that.

You just have to make one decision. (Nope, not which bottle of wine to drown yourself in.) To commit to finding the courage to embrace your imperfections and live a daring, happy life with your inner bitch in check.

It’s time to just BE YOU.
Because you’re amazing. Just as you are.

(Totally ripped that last bit from Bridget’s Mr Darcy.)