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I want for us to be free

Free to follow our hearts
Free to speak our truth without fear of judgement
Free to do the work we love
Free to love who we want, how we want
Free from all the shoulds and shouldn'ts
Free to fuck up and forgive and be forgiven
Free to be, do and say anything we goddamn want


Hi I'm Pippa

Hello lovely, I'm Pippa Parfait and I’m an internationally certified life coach on a mission to inspire women* around the world, to find the courage to be everything they are and everything they want to be, by tuning in to their inner voice and saying FUCK IT to life’s shoulds and shouldn’ts and musts and mustn'ts.

From my one-to-one coaching, free resources on the blog, in-person events and Letters from the Coffee Shop, I’m committed to helping you discover what it means to be the whole, real and messy you, living nothing but your very best courageous life.

*women refers to all who identify as women,
including trans and nonbinary women.
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I write every week or so on living courageously, being a spiritual being, rising and falling (and falling again), and navigating this life thing, knowing that there is waaaay much more to me do and be, but not always knowing where to find them.

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Postcards from the Goddess Road Trip

In June 2017 I made a decision that would take me + 2 biz besties to Australia for 25 days on the trip of a lifetime.
Here are some of the highlights but you can read all about the adventures of the Goddess Road Trip HERE.


"From that first session, I felt a sense of calm wash over me... I knew I’d made a good choice and that I was in good hands. I had some soul searching to do from some of the great questions you asked me.

My coaching experience has been grounding and transformational. You are a true professional and an outstanding coach, you blend in just enough warm and fuzzy alongside the tough love. You are a natural and your authenticity can be felt across continents!"


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"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains,
but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."

Nelson Mandela